Due to the incredible amount of non-accepted items being added into our Terracycle bins in store, we made the decision that stopping these recycling programmes was at the best interest of our community. We launched the free collection programmes in store to help people to recycle what they could not REFUSE or REUSE, but not to be a first option or a guilt-free alternative to continue consuming products coming in non-recyclable packaging. Our staff was spending at least 5h/week to sort the non-accepted items from our 7 waste streams and that became unsustainable. Instead, we chose to use the money that we would spend with staff towards charity donations. We believe this way we will make a better use of our staff's time and also the money we spend!

The only programme available at the moment in store is the COLGATE ORAL HYGIENE. Please check below for more information on accepted waste.



  • Make sure all excess product has been removed from the packaging you are dropping off to avoid contamination

  • Bring ONLY items accepted by the scheme. Items which aren't on the accepted list WON'T BE RECYCLED!


  • Bamboo toothbrush handles (only BRISTLES accepted)

  • Interdental brushes

  • Electric toothbrushes/battery operated toothbrushes (only toothbrush HEADS accepted)

  • Dental floss (only cartridge accepted)

  • Mouthwash plastic bottles

  • Breath sprays

  • Dentures

  • Denture adhesives

  • Denture tablets packaging

  • Denture cream tubes

  • Any other outer packaging that didn't contain toothbrushes or dental floss

  • Any other tubes that did not contain toothpaste (e.g tubes that look like toothpaste tubes)

  • Toothpaste pumps

  • Toothache kits

What happens to the waste collected?

TerraCycle uses only circular methods (reuse, upcycling or recycling) for repurposing the waste collected through their programmes. TerraCycle will never landfill or incinerate your waste. Learn more on how Terracycle processes hard-to-recycle single-use plastics.

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