Crowdfunding: fail. Popup: success!

We didn't make it. It was close - 335 wonderful people all around the world believed in this project and helped to raise £21,187. As the campaign was all or nothing, we couldn't unlock the 20k in pledges as we didn't reach the 28k target.

In the meantime, we've launched our wonderful popup shop, which hit the news all over the world - and we had made the zero waste lifestyle a bit more accessible to Londoners and people living in SE England (yes, people are travelling from far to reach us!).

The response in our first month of operations in our Dalston shop had been even more amazing than I ever expected. I've got lovely people offering their time and skills to help me to run the shop, I've got great feedback on what can be added and improved, and lovely people coming from all over the place, taking pictures of the shop and sharing their #groceryhaul on Instagram. So. Much. Love.

Yes, we feel very much loved. And this is what keeps us going, even having quite a hard time in this first month. My laptop had been stolen, my business docs lost, my card machine scammed, the shop had all sort of issues with electrics, just to name a few disasters. But none of those will stop us from keep walking, one step at a time, on this difficult road, but a very meaningful one.

Next: making this little #zerowaste oasis a permanent one-stop-shop.

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