Where your food comes from #part1: Luminary Bakery

As Michael Pollan points out in his book ‘In Defense of Food’, the food industry, the government, advertisers and media have turned the process of putting food on our tables into an increasingly dysfunctional enterprise. We, as consumers, were led to trade nutrition for cheap foodlike substances created by food science, not nature. The long supply chain this system spawned created a disconnect between us and how our food is made and where it comes from.

But what if we start seeing our neighbours, community farms next to our home, the local businesses down the road as a source of food rather than supermarkets aisles loaded with plastic containers? When we bring the food source closer to our table, we are not only supporting the local economy, but also vowing for a better food system and less waste.

Luminary Bakery will be one of our lovely suppliers - they will be providing cakes & bakes to our bakery section, such as brownies, flapjacks, loaf cakes and cookies, all package-free. They are based in Hackney as well, so everything will be freshly made daily in a beautiful bakery only 30 minutes walk from our shop.

Like us, they are also a social enterprise, using their business as a way to empower women who have had a social and economic disadvantage. At the bakery, these women can learn new skills and build their way up to employability and entrepreneurship, giving themselves a second chance.

Their bakes are delish and they even have Benjamina from #GBBO as their ambassador. They are LOVE and I can't wait to work with them <3

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