#BulkforLondon on Earth Day

On this Earth Day, 22nd April, instead of signing petitions online or complaining on Facebook about how appalling our plastic oceans are, you can do something which will create a real impact in our London communities: back our kick-ass project to bring #BulkforLondon!

Our crowdfunding campaign (was supposed to start on the 22nd April, but oops, it is taking longer for our project to be verified by Locality) will run from the 19th May to 15th July, and you will be able to pledge as little as ‎£5. Also, as part of the Regeneration Programme, the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan will be pledging on the best campaigns to help to achieve the target goal.

What we want to achieve

Food and packaging waste is the main big issue that we want to tackle by offering products lose and unpackaged.

The second issue we see in the current supermarket model is:

  • Food travels from far to reach distribution centres. This adds up on costs and carbon footprint

  • Farmers & growers waste too much food in the supply chain due to specific cosmetic standards imposed by supermarkets

  • There are too many middlemen in the supply chain, shrinking farmer's margins

We can't keep vouching for a business model that wastes ridiculous amounts of food, underpay producers and creates demand for more disposable packaging which ends up in landfills and oceans.

We can change that by supporting businesses that want to offer solutions. By sourcing whole foods produced locally and by the community, we can cut down on packaging, carbon footprint and costs, plus boost the local economy - with the big bonus of supporting good causes by using other social enterprises as suppliers.

We also want to encourage people to start seeing waste as resource, rather than something you 'throw away'. One way of achieving this is getting people to discover the wonders of composting kitchen scraps - we want to have a commercial grade composting machine to transform your smelly kitchen rubbish into rich garden compost!

Project goal

We want to make package-free shopping accessible to everyone living in East London area. We want everybody being able to buy what they want, in the quantity they want, using their container of choice and paying a decent price for good quality local food.

Why we need your help

We want to stop creating more demand for waste by creating an option of sustainable shopping, but this can’t be done without your support. We are not retail giants and we don’t have the ‘big dogs’ backing us, so by backing this project, you can support a new way of shopping which won’t litter our lands and oceans, and can make a difference in people’s health and pockets.

How the money will be used

  • Securing a lease with a suitable location in Hackney area

  • Renovating and furnishing the place

  • Adding fixtures and fittings

  • Buying stock

  • Operational costs/overheads

  • Legal requirements

Let's make this happen! Spread the word with your pals and share this campaign in your social feeds!