We've got a consultant: Catherine Conway from Unpackaged

Before all this hype about Zero Waste, even before Béa Johnson’s book being published, Catherine Conway from Unpackaged had pioneered the Zero Waste retail business model 10 years back, which is now a global trend. It was obvious to me that I needed this woman to give me guidance when Bulk Market’s idea was born.

My first session with Catherine went all around my business plan, how to run the daily operations smoothly and how to introduce reusable packaging solutions into the supply chain. Starting up a business will always be daunting. All sort of thoughts goes through your mind, all the ‘what ifs’ included. Catherine has a holistic view of this movement – it’s all about educating people and changing behavior, so if we all work together to grow this demographic, everybody wins.

I see zero waste shops around the world as the micro-breweries were about 15, 20 years ago. The beer market was dominated by huge corporations selling boring tasteless light lagers. The craft beer movement started with individuals wanting more options of beer and DIY-ing their own creations at home. They worked together to grow their market share, which is now worth USD 19.6 billion industry only in the US. Now craft beer is everywhere, and we see more and more craft breweries opening their doors over here and across the pond.

That’s how I see the zero waste movement. Wouldn’t be great if we had a zero waste shop at every corner?

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