Organic Onion Powder 40g (£3.96/100g)

Onion Powder Organic 40g (£3.99/100g)


Organic onion powder is great for frying, baking and all kinds of hot cooking. It's a key ingredient in a number of Mexican, Indian and other world cuisine, and works with practically any other vegetables, a great number of spices and virtually all herbs too.


Nutrition ..... Per 100g

Energy (Kj) ..... 1460

Energy (Kcal) ..... 349

Fat (g) ..... 0.46

- saturates (g) ..... 0.08

Carbohydrates (g) ..... 83.3

- sugars (g) ..... 37.4

Fibre (g) ..... 9.2

Protein (g) ..... 9.0

Salt (g) ..... 0.05


Country of Origin: Egypt

Organic Onion Powder 40g (£3.96/100g)