Mild and tangy with blue veins of superfood spirulina, this is a blue cheese for people who aren’t sure if they like blue cheese. Much more easy going than a traditional stilton but still very pleasing on the tastebuds and as a bonus looks great on a cheeseboard. Also delicious in a pear and walnut salad!




Cashews, culture, coconut oil, miso (soy beans, brown rice, salt, water), citric acid, salt
Allergens in bold


“What is an Oddsbox?” I hear you ask! ⁣

It’s a collection of cheese blocks that otherwise might go to waste 🧀⁣

We like to make use of every last piece of cheese but we do trim the end pieces and also have the odd undersized block that usually we can’t sell.⁣

Of course we eat as much as we can (no hardship there 😉), give them to friends and use them for samples at events. ⁣

But we end up with more than we can use and they’d often go out of date 😢 Cue the invention of the Oddsbox! ⁣

Cheaper cheese for you and no waste for us - they just don’t look as pretty as usual, but clearly you know that beauty is only skin deep 😬 ⁣

KindaCo Spirulina OddsBox Block (~100g)

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