KindaCo Smoked Chilli OddsBox Block (~100g)

Our Smoked Chilli packs a spicy punch with the heat of chilli and the smokiness from smoked paprika. One for people who love something spicy, but not so hot it will completely blow your tastebuds (Ellie loves it and is a bit of a wuss with spice!) Delicious in everything from a burrito, pasta or even dotted over a bowl of chilli.




Cashews, culture, coconut oil, nutritional yeast, miso (soy beans, brown rice, salt, water), smoked paprika, chilli powder,onion powder, garlic powder, chilli flakes, salt.
Allergens in bold


“What is an Oddsbox?” I hear you ask! ⁣

It’s a collection of cheese blocks that otherwise might go to waste 🧀⁣

We like to make use of every last piece of cheese but we do trim the end pieces and also have the odd undersized block that usually we can’t sell.⁣

Of course we eat as much as we can (no hardship there 😉), give them to friends and use them for samples at events. ⁣

But we end up with more than we can use and they’d often go out of date 😢 Cue the invention of the Oddsbox! ⁣

Cheaper cheese for you and no waste for us - they just don’t look as pretty as usual, but clearly you know that beauty is only skin deep 😬 ⁣

KindaCo Smoked Chilli OddsBox Block (~100g)

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