Be the ultimate zero waste shop owner

Bulk Market started in 2017 in East London to solve one of the biggest challenges of our generation: single use plastic pollution.

Plastic pollutes every corner of the Earth. It is everywhere, even in our food and water. The way supermarkets exist and operate are also unsustainable and unethical, and for this very reason we've decided since the beginning to be a Social Enterprise, a company that exists to serve a social & environmental purpose rather than seeking profits at the planet's and its people's expense.

Since we've started our zero waste journey many other like-minded people have set up their own shops across the country (and globe) and there's a growing movement of zero waste shops! If you landed up here you are likely part of this crowd that wants to make a difference, and at the same time, be your own bo$$. We can help you in this journey and you can run your own Bulk Market in your local community!

Why become a Bulk Market franchisee?


  • Start your business with the right foot with an established, known brand, loved by thousands of followers

  • No need to learn the hard way the ins and outs of how to setup and run a zero waste shop, we will give you all the support needed with operations, marketing & training on an ongoing basis (no one-off consultancy!). Think of an ultimate Jerry Maguire by your side!

  • Access to discounts & payment terms with suppliers & equipment

  • Better chances of success by using our experience & expertise than setting up on your own


That sounds ace. Am I franchisee material?


You don't have to be rich to be our franchisee, or cool to rule our world. But there is a basic skill set we're particularly interested in, which can make you a successful franchisee:


  • Share the same ethos and have the motivation to do your bit for people & planet

  • Excellent multitasker and highly organised bee

  • Great at managing people and working as a team

  • Basic knowledge of small business finance

  • Previous experience in a managerial role


Cool, I can tick most of those boxes! How much will it cost?


Our franchise brochure with all the financial details is under development, but we are working hard to create an investment budget for our pilot franchise under 50k. We can also help you access options to finance the final amount (which can vary depending on location).


I am not from the UK but I love Bulk Market. Are you guys considering international franchise agreements?

Hell yes! Markets which we are particularly interested in expanding include Brazil, Portugal and Italy.


Sweet! I want to find out more!


Please fill the form below to register your interest in becoming a Bulk Market zero waste shop owner:

Thanks for your interest! We will get back to you in due course to discuss next steps!