Mineral Mask

DIY Beauty Bar™

London has now a destination where it is possible to refill natural beauty ingredients to create custom skin care products free from harmful chemicals and completely package-free


Bulk Market® has lauched the first retail destination in the UK dedicated to natural do-it-yourself beauty, the DIY Beauty Bar™. The concept is the next step of zero waste shopping, where customers can have total control and understanding over the ingredients used in their skin care products, creating natural body butters, face masks, skin toners, makeup removers, face serums and bath salts without toxic ingredients and totally plastic-free.


The system works in the same way as the rest of the store - customers are encouraged to bring their own containers to refill natural and organic cosmetic ingredients such as mineral clays, carrier oils, essential oils, cosmetic butters, floral waters, dried flower petals, bath salts, natural waxes and vitamins. All those ingredients can be combined to create a multitude of products ranging from lip balms, body butters, body and face oils, serums with anti-aging properties, body and face scrubs, cleansing lotions, bath bombs, bath salts, face toners, face masks and so on.


In store customers can also learn about each of the ingredients properties and have ideas of what can be created with the range of products available. We've curated and tested a collection of recipes and made available for consultation at our DIY Beauty Bar™ in a recipe book. Each recipe has a QR code where you can find the recipe online to save it and try it later.


The idea behind the DIY Beauty Bar™ came after Ingrid and Bruna Martins, Co-Founder, both started their own journeys into tackling their waste at home.


The ingredients in the so-called 'natural products' found in manufactured cosmetics were also a concern of the duo, who decided to offer a healthier, safer and more sustainable alternative to skin care. As we don't want pesticides in our food and ingredients we cannot even pronounce, we also didn't want toxic ingredients in the products we use everyday on our face and body, such as parabens, phthalates, fragrance, SLSs, all compounds which are scientifically proven to cause all sorts of health issues, from cancer to allergy.


Bulk Market's DIY Beauty Bar™ is available in store at 6 Bohemia Place, Hackney, E8 1DU, London.