Changing the world for the better needs to be as easy and frugal as doing grocery shopping.
meet the team

Our everyday choices can make a difference in the place we live and in other people's lives.

Bulk Market® was born having this as a main mission. We think businesses should make it easy for people to make the right choices. Ditching disposable packaging is one of them.


Plastic waste is one of the biggest public health and environmental issues of our generation.


It’s a material designed to last forever - but it's being used for:

  • Disposable cups

  • Disposable cutlery

  • Carrier bags

  • Drinks bottles

  • Food packaging

  • Baby sippy cups

  • Baby bottles

  • And the list goes on and on!

The recyclable grades of plastic can only be down-cycled. But all the other 'not currently recycled' grades of plastic usually ends up in landfills or polluting the oceans.

Disposable packaging costs you money, it requires natural resources to be produced and also costs local authorities billions of pounds to be collected, sorted and recycled.

We decided to simplify things and let you take home only the food you buy. That means no more fights over who is taking the rubbish out, with the added bonus of helping to create a cleaner planet for future generations.

Ingrid Caldironi
Founder & CEO

Former B2B Retail Marketing executive from a Fortune Global 500 company, I decided to take environmental change into my own hands by creating an ethical and sustainable model of supermarket. Like many others, I used to believe that stuff gets recycled, and there was no other way of living without creating a lot of waste. After reading about a young woman from NY with years of rubbish fitting in a jar, I've decided to go zero waste. But companies don't make it easy for people to avoid waste. Bulk Market® was born to fix this.



Part-time canine paper shredder and moral supporter, fan of wonky veggies and dust bin diver. Favourite hobbies includes foraging and pigeon-chasing. Rubbish is her favourite topic.